How did Absolute Smark begin?

Hello Internet.

For my first column, I thought I’d reflect on the small kerfuffle that inspired me to create this page. Because like any blog or website, everything usually begins with an idea or some type of motivation. Here’s mine.

Remember that Austin Aries-Christy Hemme thing?

Yeah, that thing.

After I saw some footage of that incident, I had some particularly strong feelings about it. I felt that what Aries did was wrong, and his actions completely took me out of the “Yay, this is fun!” feeling I usually feel with wrestling. At first I wondered if what happened was part of the show, but when I realized it wasn’t, I got mad. As I continued to read comments online about it, I got more angry. The people who I found to be most offensive used the excuse that other women in wrestling did these things, so that made this part of the show okay. I disagreed. To the point where I got mad.  I sat on my feelings for a day or so, then I decided that I had to write something about it.

I e-mailed my friend, Matt, who writes at The Wrestling Journal, and wrote a guest post called No Excuses for Austin Aries. To say that it got some strong opinions in response is an understatement. Of course, the people  who know me personally thought the article and the personal story I told was great, but others thought I was going too over the top.  I also got called some choice names by some commenters,  and I also had my blog posted on a wrestling message board somewhere on the internet.

And you know what? I loved it. Not the name calling, but I enjoyed hearing other opinions besides my own. I finally found out that I needed to make my own web home away from home so I can make my voice heard too. So I sat down and started brainstorming. A few weeks later, and you’re reading the idea come to life.

And that is how Absolute Smark came to be. This is the place where I will express my thoughts on wrestling, my favorite wrestlers and other material about the industry.

Besides commentary of the popular news stories of wrestling and write ups of various wrestling shows, I’ll be doing some writing on wrestling related books, videos, and whatever thoughts strike me in the moment. I want this to be a place where other wrestling fans can interact with each other about what’s going on with the sport that we all love. Because if you’re like me, you can never talk too much about wrestling.

I am Shanna, and thank you for reading me.

Until next time.




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