My Mount Rushmore: Where I talk about my favorite wrestlers

The Wrestling Journal inspired this post. It’s a subject that’s near and dear to us all.  Your favorite wrestler. Or in the case of this post, my favorite wrestlers.  Who do I like, and why? You would think that this was an easy question to answer, but it really wasn’t.

What made me want to write about my favorites is because there’s such a wide variety of opinions on the subject of a personal favorite. Your favorite wrestler has an impact on everything you do as a fan. From buying merchandise, to arguing your favorites to  friends, having a favorite wrestler means that much more investment in the wrestling company of your choice. If you hate everyone you see, what’s the point of continuous watching of WWE? (Or the wrestling promotion of your choice.)

Liking someone will get you deeply invested in the product, and thus make you a more attentive viewer.  Your attention (and money) is also something that the company looks for to gain an idea about a particular wrestler’s popularity. We as fans have a hand in keeping our favorites hired and working. (Most of the time). So, having a favorite has more of an impact than you think.

So. Let’s talk favorites. I’ll go first, and these picks are in no particular order.

AJ Lee is hands down my favorite wrestler. It’s not because she’s pretty, or because I think she’s a great wrestler. It’s more to do with her performances. In my opinion, she has delivered consistent, fantastic performances almost every time I’ve seen her on TV. And if she wasn’t successful or believeable, it usually has to do with the material given to her.

AJ can do more with one facial expression than any of the current divas can. She is someone who is strong enough (based on athletics and performance) to carry the entire divas division on her back. She does more to quiet the Smark and me, and make me lost myself in the moment of whatever story she’s involved with. If for some reason she were to leave WWE, it would take some time for me to get over her. To be totally honest, I haven’t obsessively liked a lady grappler this much since Trish Stratus.

Daniel Bryan

He’s turned Kane into something cuddly, storyline abused AJ for months, and yet I still can’t get enough of this guy. Daniel Bryan has had an incredible year. He’s transformed from a quiet guy who can wrestle his head off, to a guy so popular he helped get John Cena legitimate cheers. Or, if you were watching Raw last night, a simple kick of his got the crowd on their feet, responsive, and engaged. Not a small feat these days.

But really, Daniel Bryan had me at 18 seconds.

I know nothing of his Indy background, but if the WWE version of Bryan Danielson keeps up this insane momentum, he might just cause a riot one day. Or perhaps he’ll win another championship? The sky is truly the limit with talent of his magnitude.

Portugal’s perfect athlete: Shanna

The instant a wrestler debuts on TV, they’re a star. It’s a sad reality of the current state of women’s wrestling puts more stock in keeping quotas of blondes and twins than ladies with some wrestling ability. Which often leads me to get my women’s wrestling fix in YouTube Indy clips. Which is how I found Shanna.

Despite the fact that I knew virtually nothing about Shanna when I first saw her, I immediately knew that I liked her. I think she recognizes that wrestling should be fun more than anything and it shows in her work. Her as the bad girl is subtle, yet effective. Her as a good guy is a competent hand who can energize a crowd. Naturally, she’s pretty, and she seems to have a great personality outside of the ring.
Don ‘t believe me? Well, I’ll put a YouTube video on it. What she does in this match with Leah Von Dutch is what made me like her in the first place.

I’ve heard of the Sara Del Ray’s and the Mia Yim’s, but give me more of Shanna, and I’m a happy girl.

So, these 3 are my current favorite wrestlers. Quite astonishing considering how vast the wrestling world is, but these 3 manage to hold my attention and get me invested in their stories.

And now, to you. Who are your favorite wrestlers?

Until next time.


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