Where we predict the outcomes: WWE Payback predictions.

Payback is a mere 2 days away, and I’m excited for the show. Let’s take a brief look at the lineup and pick some winners!

I’ll go first.

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

Our savior Damien Sandow getting the pre show treatment doesn’t make me very happy. But we also get no Sheamus on the big card. A fair tradeoff.

It’s highly probable that Sheamus will win, so unless someone decides to do something out of the ordinary, I’m thinking this will be your standard pre show affair.

Winner: Sheamus

WWE championship match

John Cena vs Ryback
(Three Stages of Hell match)

In an attempt to try not to bag Cena too much, I’ll just say that this match isn’t something I’m looking forward to watching. I’m not buying Ryback as championship material at this point either.

Another problematic thought that I’m having is that somewhere along the line, I’ve forgotten what these two are fighting about. I’m not rooting for, or hating anyone in this match. I’m indifferent to it.

Despite my reservations about the point of all this, I’m sure that Ryback won’t be winning. I think he loses Sunday so he can chase the belt for little while longer.

Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship match

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

Ziggler is back! And so is this match. With almost no build. And for some reason, I keep thinking that outside shenanigans will prevent this match from going too long. And if this goes longer than 5 minutes, I expect it will be as good as their previous 100 bouts.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

WWE Tag Team Championship match

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

This feels like a mishmash. Randy Orton is Bryan’s partner for reasons which still escape me, but I’m thinking Payback might just be the end of Team Hell No. Or so I think. Either way, expect Daniel Bryan to amaze us all. He’s been doing a lot of that lately.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

United States championship match

Dean Ambrose vs Kane

This match is a sleeper, but I think it’s going to be pretty good. Ambrose is a star on the rise, so expect for him to do some good work here. I’m still sticking with my theory that Kane and Daniel Bryan will fisticuff somewhere on the PPV’s, so be watching out for that.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE Diva’s championship match
Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee

Diva fans have been clamoring (more like begging) for this match for a long time, and we’ve finally gotten what we asked for.

After stealing the show on Monday night, the pressure is on for AJ and Kaitlyn to deliver a strong wrestling match.

While the Diva’s division had been ignored for too long and the interactions between AJ and Kaitlyn have been on and off, I have developed significant interest in this story thanks to their amazing segment on Raw. I think now is the time for these women to make a statement about the worth and legitimacy of the Diva’s division, and what better way for them to make that statement than on PPV?

What happens during the match is important, but not as important as the eventual winner. This story has some not so obvious layers to it, which makes deciding a winner that much more difficult.

Despite what a majority of fans may think, I’d bet money on Kaitlyn retaining. AJ is an intriguing character, but she doesn’t need the title as much as Kaitlyn does. But if AJ wins, I wouldn’t be too broken up by it.

Winner: Kaitlyn

Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

Ugh. As much as the internet is clamoring for Punk to get back on TV, this isn’t how I wanted his return to happen. Nevertheless, the match on Sunday will be great for Punk’s return, and I’m hoping Jericho can help make this match memorable for reasons besides Punk’s new theme.

Winner: CM Punk

Intercontinental championship match

Wade Barrett vs The Miz vs Curtis Axel

Fandango gets a concussion, and we get this match instead. On paper, this doesn’t look like a bad match. The newly minted Heyman guy Curtis Axel still has something to prove, and I think he’ll make a statement when he takes the title off of Barrett.

And with this match, I hope that Barrett will be off TV for awhile. Since being kicked in the balls by HHH on TV, it’s been downhill and falling fast for our current IC champ. Let’s give him a rest and let’s give wrestling fans some time to forget his recent string of unfortunate losses.

And it looks like I’ve predicted Payback.

Who’re you rooting for on Sunday?

All photos used in this write-up are courtesy of WWE.com


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