Monday night lessons for Raw (6.24.2013)

Well, Last week’s Raw is now in the dust. I’m kind of sad about that since we so rarely get Raw’s of that caliber these days. But this week is a new week! A week full of new surprises like… game cover reveals.


Let’s go over what lessons I learned from Raw last night.

1. Did someone say MITB?


There’s nothing bad about this at all. Except for the fact that Sheamus doesn’t need to be in this match, this is magnificent.

I’m calling Daniel Bryan as the winner before all you guys do.

2. AJ, now with Kaitlyn hair (and arms)!

Just in case you’ve forgotten, AJ is our NEW Divas champion. And for that reason, Divas segments revolve around her and her hijinks. As it should. She’s the most interesting character (next to Kaitlyn) on the show and deserves the spotlight. I’m a big AJ fan and I’ve enjoyed watching her character grow over the last year. I’ve been pulling for the Divas since the beginning and I’m loving AJ as champ.

With that said, I can admit that I have a problem with the Diva segment from last night. The first being that Stephanie killed all their juice last week when she shut down everyone and stomped on their credibility.

The second being that the whole dressing up as your opponent thing has been beaten to death, and it’s rare that we see a new angle to it. So why do it?

In any event, there was effort on AJ, Big E, and Kaitlyn’s part to make it work. I just couldn’t get into this like I have all their other stuff. Which is kind of disappointing considering how well they’ve done with what they’ve been given up to this point.

However, there were some positives. Kaitlyn is really letting AJ go deep with the insults. I can’t help but admire how Kaitlyn is taking so much crap, but in the end, I know she’ll be putting a serious beating on AJ. Abs that’s a good thing.

I also liked Shakespearean Big E. He made me laugh with that voice.

On a final note, I’d still rather have 10 of these diva segments than 0 Diva segments at all. Keep up the momentum, ladies. (And Big E)

3. Mark Henry, please win the WWE championship.

While Cena’s contributions to feuds are CHAMP IS HERE and very little else, Mark Henry used his time to make a statement. He will win the WWE championship. And I believe him.

I’m hoping there’s no Super Cena shenanigan’s during the build up to this match, because I’d love to just see these two wrestle without Cena’s dopey smiling or THE CHAMP IS HERE nonsense. Just a straight up dog fight. But I don’t have much hope because I know Cena holds firmly to his shtick, no matter how embarassing it gets. Ugh.

4. Everything John Cena says sounds exactly the same.

Some people may be able to tune out John Cena’s blithering, but at this point, he’s beginning to offend me with his lack of relevance. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth sounds exactly the same as the week before.

Mark Henry made a statement last week when he fooled, slammed and humiliated Cena and called all of us puppets. Cena had nothing to say other than the same thing he always says.  When work is put in to make something interesting, and our WWE champion adds nothing to the conversation, what exactly is there to get behind?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

5. The Wyatt Family. Masks and all.

Just let this play and witness just how scary Bray Wyatt and his family are in a one minute promo. Seriously.

6. There’s trouble on the horizon with CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

There comes a time where is best to shut up and let greatness speak for itself.

The planting of the seeds has begun, and I’m so intrigued. This is so good I almost feel unworthy of it. It also shows that you don’t necessarily need every interaction to be someone beating someone else up for 4 weeks straight.

I’ve always been partial to stories with layers, and I can’t wait for next week to see where this is going.

7. Daniel Bryan is too good.

How is it that this guy is putting on PPV quality matches on a weekly basis and he’s not champion? He’s so good that it’s impossible not to write 6 books about how good he really is.

I keep expecting him to not be as good as he is all the time, but he just seems to get better and better each week. How is this possible?

He’s so good that he makes watching Orton a tolerable experience for me.

If you didn’t see him and Orton wrestle on Raw, find the full match and watch it immediately. It’s one of the best things about the show and I can’t not recommend it.

And those are your Monday lessons.

Until next time.


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