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Questions, questions, questions. So many wrestling fans have questions they want answered or opinions they want to share. I’m no different. This blog exists because of the need I have to express my wrestling likes and dislikes.

To help others make their voice heard, I’ve decided to start the questions from series. It’s a simple concept to follow. You find me on social media  and ask me a question. Or express an opinion to me. I’ll bring it here and discuss it. Simple, right?

This particular question comes from one of my Tumblr followers and I think it’s a good set to start with.

Here we go!

8BitGlamour asked me: Do you think AJ will give the Diva’s title a makeover?


This might seem like I’m rambling, but I believe this all goes together.

I don’t think the problems with the Divas division are limited to how ugly/pretty the belt is. Personally, I can live with the Divas title. Most fans can’t seem to get past how terrible it looks. I don’t hate it, but I don’t hate it enough to want to suggest something else to replace it.

And as much as I want to believe that AJ being Divas champ means sweeping changes for the division are now in store, WWE changing anything isn’t going to happen unless they’re sure they have another bankable star.

Divisional changes only happen when the person suggesting the change is making a significant contribution to the company. Besides the past few weeks of television, it’s common knowledge that the Divas have gotten very little by the way of TV time or significant stories. The recent appearances of the Divas on TV seem to only be happening because AJ is champion and because someone who makes decisions is confident enough in her and Kaitlyn’s performances that they’re allowed to go crazy.

Could she use this momentum to her advantage? Absolutely. And I hope that she’s fighting for change.  Because WWE has far too many talented women, like Layla, who could be a benefit and shouldn’t be as held back as they are.

I will say that AJ’s knowledge of the business, overall enthusiasm, and overwhelming popularity can only work in her favor. If she persists in asking for change and keeps being as awesome as she is, big things might happen sooner than we think.

As for changing the actual title itself, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Like I said before, whoever brings in the big bucks has the most say and the changing of the title is a low priority.

She also asked: If you were the current title holder, how would you redesign the Diva’s championship?


If I were champion or possessed the power to change the look of the belt, I’d ditch the Divas title completely and suggest the NXT Women’s Championship as the permanent replacement.

One of the things that bugs me about women’s wrestling belts is that the titles are either too big for the competitor wearing it, or the colors on the belt are ugly and that ends up making the title look silly. A women’s title should be slim and sleek, in my opinion. And a pink title. Who came up with the idea that a women’s belt has to have pink splashed all over it? Pink belts don’t exactly scream serious wrestler.

A big belt also doesn’t make a title look more like a title. A sleek design with cool plating does. I’m generally not a fan of big gold belts. Just because a belt is gold doesn’t make it look more prestigious. The only gold women’s title I ever liked was the original WWE Women’s Championship.

In closing, dark straps with silver plates are what appeal to me. Therefore, the NXT title wins. It’s a good looking belt that I wish was on the big show.

And that’s it!

I extend a humble thank you to 8BitGlamour for submitting these great questions. Give her a follow on Tumblr if you’re there.

Have something you’d like to ask me? The only way to get in on the fun is by following me on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook and asking me something. Or leave a question in the comments for me to consider. I’d like to keep this questions series going, so ask away!

Until next time.


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