Monday Night Lessons: What I learned from The Wyatt Family debut on Raw, Kaitlyn spears, and bad dreams. (7-8-2013)

It’s that time of the week! We came, we saw and (hopefully) enjoyed some WWE style wrestling action.

Last night’s show gave us the highly anticipated debut of the Wyatt Family, a job evaluation of Vickie Guerrero, and much more. With one week and counting to Money in the Bank, will this week’s Raw snap us out of the banality of the widely panned show from last week?

Let’s find out together.


When it comes to wrestling shows, I’m kind of a hermit. I don’t read spoilers and stay off the internet until it’s time to watch the show. Therefore, I knew very little about The Wyatt Family besides and what little I saw of them on NXT. I didn’t go too deep into my imagination and start picturing what I wanted for a Wyatt debut. I just let it happen without thinking.

Throughout the night until almost the end of the show, we were treated to some up close and personal time with the Wyatt Family. In a series of short vignettes sprinkled through the show, A “ reporter” was lead around the Wyatt Family property and into the heart of the Wyatt Family domain. And those little peeks were effective and scary.

And then Bray Wyatt blew out his lantern.

And the lights went out in the arena.

And I adjflakjdsfiajfoijaeoifjnaowenfafjnaowijnfoawjiefaof all over myself.

I had GOOSEBUMPS going up and down my arms from the time the Wyatt’s walked to the ring to the end of their attack on Kane.

The Wyatt Family debuting on Raw surpassed everything I ever thought a group like theirs should get. I’m so happy I got to witness it live.

If you can somehow find a video of the full Wyatt Family madness from last night, including the attack on Kane, I would highly recommend giving it a watch. This Fan Nation video might not be enough to convey how magnificent they were to watch last night.

Did anybody else have trouble sleeping last night, or was it just me?

Also, those chants? I blocked them out. The Wyatt’s had me focused on the moment and any other ridiculousness was blown off.

2.  Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee are not allowed to break up.

I got real comfortable with seeing the team of AJ, Dolph and Big E, and the little stab of pain in my heart at the thought of them breaking up is real.

In this day and age of having stables break up in two seconds, the thought of AJ and Dolph not being together anymore makes me sad. In little than a few months time, the two of them have gotten me associated with seeing them together and looking forward to their appearances. The thought of not having that anymore, nor seeing Big E with them, makes me feel like I’m preparing to lose something very important.

If you break them up, WWE, make it good. DO NOT go the “#AJALL” route.

3. Two Bellas, both as useless as the other.


I’ve yet to see a Diva, let alone two, who add nothing whatsoever to the part of the show they’re on. I’m not fond of wishing that people didn’t have their jobs, but the twins performances are embarrassing when compared to other girls on the show.

You have AJ and Kaitlyn carrying the division on their backs, and the best the Bellas can contribute to commentary from last night during a TAG TEAM MATCH was like listening to annoying high schoolers talking at a bus stop.

And again, nothing the twins did last night made me clamor to see them on Total Divas. I’m sure the girls are nice people in real life, but they bring nothing to the table when they wrestle or talk.

Selling a story and making it interesting should be left to Kaitlyn and AJ since they’re doing it so well. And speaking of them.

4. Kaitlyn vs AJ is back where it belongs and I’m loving it.


I don’t know what we as wrestling fans have done to deserve Kaitlyn and AJ, but we really don’t. Why? Because of last night and that TAG TEAM MATCH with them plus Layla and Alicia Fox. Not only did Kaitlyn lose her shit and violently try to fight at the mere sight of AJ, but she speared AJ so hard I almost cringed. If physicality is what we want, it looks like AJ and Kaitlyn are delivering. I mean, look at Kaitlyn’s face in that picture. Does that not scream trouble?

We’re making slow progress in the “respect the divas” category, but progress is just that.

That being said, I will not be happy until we see some kind of major stipulation added to their match at MITB. Like a ladder. Please?

5. Vickie Guerrero climbs a ladder and STILL loses her job.

So. Vickie Guerrero, in a segment I’m still embarrassed to write about, got fired by HHH, Stephanie and Vince last night. It was one of the longest segments of the night, and while that time could’ve been spent on more important things, we ultimately ended up with the news that Brad Maddox is now the GM of Raw.

Normally I love the McMahon’s on Raw, but what’s been presented in the last few weeks has been below their normal performance standards. And the “job evaluation” segment last night was too long, and pretty terrible. Had Maddox not been named GM, and the Wyatt Family not cleansed my wrestling palate, this segment would’ve left a bad taste in my mouth.

Maddox is pretty good at playing the smarmy kiss ass, so that makes me interested to see what he’ll be doing in this role. I think he can pull off the role of a GM constantly trying to wiggle his way out of trouble, and I think it could be fun to watch. We shall see.

Also, this. Because it nearly made me cry when I saw @Arda_Ocal tweet it last night.

Boo Vickie all you want to, but I have a hard time not loving her whether she’s good or bad. She’s one of WWE’s strongest characters, and I get a kick out her performances.

And one last little picture.


I don’t know if there’s anywhere to go with Vickie/Ryback, but I’d kinda love to see it.

Ryback showing a more tender side of himself only adds a new little dimension to his character. Plus, he was sort of right.

Either way, I kind of want Vickie to be with Ryback now. Because it’s something different and I think it could work. One can only hope that hug leads to something bigger.

And for the go-home show of Raw before MITB, those are your Monday lessons.

Stay tuned for PPV predictions and other nonsense through the week.

Until next time.


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