A Diva Money in the Bank? It could happen.


Money in the Bank has been one of my favorites since it first appeared at Wrestlemania 21. Since that time, the concept became so popular that it’s now it’s own pay per view.

What exactly is there not to love about Money in the Bank? There’s something special about seeing that briefcase dangling in the air, and watching 6 of WWE’s best wrestlers fight amongst themselves, plus scale a very tall ladder to grab it. Money in the Bank is unpredictable, exciting, and guarantees that all eyes will be glued on the winner for that next year. Matches like Money in the Bank solidify the importance of championships by making them worth throwing away reason and the possibility of bodily injury to beat the odds and get the briefcase. Money in the Bank makes stars, and it’s been proven time and again.

Why can’t this same logic apply to the WWE Divas? In my opinion, all championships are important, and the Divas championship is no exception.

I think WWE is long overdue in giving divas a Money in the Bank of their own.

Yes, I understand that MITB ladder matches are dangerous. And yes, I understand the current mindset is that the Divas are precious flowers who look pretty, but rarely get hurt. I get it. But let’s turn off the doubtful voices in our minds and explore the possibilities.

A Diva Money in the Bank would be no different than what we normally see. 6 of WWE’s best lady grapplers are put together in a ring, and eventually one will pull down a briefcase dangling high above the ring. In that briefcase is a guaranteed contract for a Divas Title match. The only difference is there will only be a red (not pink) briefcase since the Smackdown ladies division is basically the same as Raw.

All WWE would have to do is book it’s Divas with actual stories. None of this ridiculous cat fight, L on the forehead with fingers nonsense. Just a straight up ”I want my opportunity” booking. Then, you give them 20 minutes at Money in the Bank to make it happen.

As a Diva supporter, I can get behind this. Without going into the ”if the men can do it” argument, I think a Diva MITB would be a fresh way of looking at the current lady talent. This type of match would put the Divas division on a different level than ever before. It’s one thing for WWE to try something like this, have it fail, then never do it again. But they haven’t come close to match of this caliber for their current generation of women. I think it’s time for that to change.

What better way to show confidence in the women’s division than giving them the opportunity to make history? If WWE put on a match like this and the women involved made it work, everyone wins. A first ever MITB for a Divas Title contract has a nice ring to it.

And let’s not forget that ladies have done dangerous matches before. Remember Trish vs Victoria?

Fantasy booking is fun, but I think a Diva MITB has a real possibility of actually happening. In an age where TNA is putting on a ladder matches to determine a number one contender for their knockouts title, it’s not implausible that WWE can put on a Diva MITB. It’s too late to do it this year, but there’s always next year or any time after that. WWE talks about wanting to make stars and wanting to put on exciting matches, but as a company, they’re still woefully behind in cultivating ground breaking matchups such as this for their women. If I was a wrestler in WWE and someone told me that this was my one opportunity to have a match of this caliber, I’d be climbing that ladder just like the countless number of men who’ve done it in the past, and the men who will do it this Sunday.

I can only hope that sometime in my lifetime, my fantasy booking scenario will come true.

On a final note, if you were to ask me who I’d put in there, my answer would be simple. It’s a potent mix of current and former WWE talent.

1. Paige


2. AJ Lee

AJ Lee

3. Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool

4. Jazz


5. Natalya


6. Layla


Who would you like to see in a Diva Money in the Bank?


Shanna wants to hear from you!

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