Who did it better: Kim vs Terrell Last Knockout Standing or Kim vs Terrell Ladder match?

Ladder match Slammiversary

When you talk about women’s wrestling, or wrestling of any gender, it’s often one match compared to another. But when there’s very little else to compare to, the only thing you have to compare is what you did last time.

For me, The Knockouts division has been consistently raising the bar for women’s wrestling. But does that hold true with Kim vs Terrell? Does their ladder match between them from last night’s Impact outshine their widely praised Last Knockouts Standing match at Slammiversary?

Let’s find out together.

First up, Slammiversary.

And now, the Ladder match to determine the number one contender for The Knockouts title.

Shanna says: Any match where both ladies are putting bodies on the line are great. Not to mention both matches exciting to watch, and definitely deserve repeat viewings. But for me, the winner is clear.

The match between Gail Kim and Taryn at Slammiversary was better. But that ladder match didn’t go out without a fight. The ending with Gail tying Taryn’s hair to the ring ropes so she could get the contract was pretty much exactly what you would do in a match like that. And as Taz said, genius. But that ending still doesn’t beat Taryn bulldogging Gail off the entrance ramp. It was a close one, but the winner us pretty obvious to me.

Slammiversary seemed to have more action between the two ladies, and that’s your clear winner. But take nothing away from that ladder match, which is just as good as the match at Slammiversary.

And now, I turn to you. Who did it better?


Shanna wants to hear from you!

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