Wrestlemania Predictions, Part 2

It’s part 2. Let’s get crazy.


Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational
One fall 14 woman match to determine the Diva’s Champion


Let’s be clear. Naomi, Summer Rae, AJ, Emma, Natalya, Alicia Fox, Layla and Tamina Snuka are actual wrestlers who could give a Wrestlemania crowd a show they’ll never forget IF they were given the time and care that they should get. But instead of great, we get this. Talented women stuck carrying Eva Marie. That doesn’t exactly scream Wrestlemania to me. But, there’s some future match intriguing possibilities if we’re looking to build to the be future. Some of these women could go on to ring in the new year of wrestling in the right way. I, personally, am hoping for an eye-opening new champion to take the title off of AJ. For the chase, if you will.

As much as I have high hopes for these ladies, this match will probably be a cluster. I’m not looking forward to most of the action, but I’m anxious to know who will win.

But, as we all know, the current Diva’s Champion won’t go down quietly.


Tap, tap, tap. Oh, AJ. I’m sorry, but I think your time is up.

Winner (and new Diva’s champion): Emma


Fatal 4 way match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
The Uso’s  vs Rybaxel vs Los Matadores vs The Real Americans


I’ve seen so much anger at this match being on the “pre-show”, and I’d like to take a moment to address it. If you consider yourself a wrestling fan, you will enjoy the wrestling as you get it. Pre show, post show, during the show, before the show. Whatever. I can’t tell you how tired I am of the perception that a pre-show match is an insult or punishment. It isn’t. As long as the men featured do their best to make a match worth watching, what does it matter what part of the show they’re on? And let’s not forget, they are actually on the actual Wrestlemania televised show. Not serving drinks at the concession stand or eating hotdogs backstage. These men are all incredibly talented and as long as the cameras are on them, we should all be happy. For all we know, this pre-show will blow the roof off the place and start off Wrestlemania the right way.

That right way, by the way, is by keeping the tag titles on The Uso’s.

Winners (and still tag team champions): The Uso’s.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt


It took me an extra day to write this prediction because I was legitimately having trouble picking a winner for this match. I’m of the feeling that this could go in the direction of either man. It was tough to make a choice, but I had to go with my heart. And this is what I think.

Bray Wyatt is going to be a star. No doubt about it. If WWE wrestling has taught us anything, it’s that the men who can sell a story will go farther than anyone. Bray Wyatt and the family have done more to sell the story of stripping the crown prince of WWE of his comfort and security. When I first heard the rumor that this match was happening, I was totally uninterested in it. Now, the day before Wrestlemania, I can honestly say that this is the only other story on this show told on the same level (or better) than HHH vs Daniel Bryan.

Bray has made John Cena relevant. He’s taken away everything about Cena that bothers the general fan. Cena is not joking about how everyone doesn’t like him. He’s not making goofy faces. The only “uh-oh” moment I’ve had in the build to this match was when Cena called Bray homeless, but that was instantly rectified when Bray and the Family turned up the heat on Cena.Just about everything in this build has been perfectly executed. As a super fan of Bray Wyatt, I am very excited to see Bray prove his worth at Wrestlemania.

In my opinion, Bray has all the tools to be a major chunk of WWE’s future IF Bray wins at WM. Bray’s first foray into the main event has shown me and other WWE fans that he belongs there.  A win at Wrestlemania along with a continued program with Cena could do much more for Bray and the family than we could ever imagine.

I’m hoping genius prevails over stupidity and we get a Bray Wyatt victory along with a continued program with Cena. The future is now, and it starts at Wrestlemania with a Wyatt victory.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Daniel Bryan vs HHH
(Winner will be the 3rd man in a Triple Threat match to determine the WWE World Heavyweight Champion)


This. Match. One of only two matches with the potential to give me a heart attack or stroke, depending on the result. But if I had to go down with a medical calamity, this is the match that I would want to cause it.

From beginning to end, everything about this build has been spectacular. The story of one man facing the man (and his wife) who are brutal and unrelenting has been filled with thrilling and memorable moments. HHH has done everything in his power to stop the Yes movement, but he’s beaten up or kicked down, Daniel Bryan he comes running back in to prove us wrong.

As someone who loved Daniel since he first stepped into WWE, I am a total believer in his ability and talent. He is a world class wrestler and once in a lifetime talent. He is undoubtedly the man that WWE needs as the face of the company. WWE is lucky to have him, whether they want to admit it or not. But, fans around the world still fear the myth of the “HHH squash.” Meaning that HHH “buries” his opponents and will do so again at Wrestlemania. I would like to think that Daniel Bryan’s obvious popularity and over the top wrestling talent has made the powers that be finally see sense and back Daniel with a win in this match.

Either way, I’m going to be nervous as hell watching this. This bout is sure to be one for the ages. Exciting, full of intensity, and (hopefully) the bell ringing with Daniel Bryan as the last man to move into the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Or, in the words of my pal @justastupidmark:

“I don’t give two shits what Bryan looking strong means for Mania traditionally. He’s fucking winning because I fucking want him to.”

With everything on the line and all my eggs in one basket, I select Daniel Bryan.


Winner: Daniel Bryan


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match
Batista vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan


I’m predicting that this match will be insane. Randy Orton is not going to go down without a fight. Batista, to me, is a non entity. I will not entertain the thought of him actually winning. I’m also 90% sure there will be no CM Punk at Wrestlemania. I would like for this to remain as shenanigan free as possible so that Daniel will have a clean victory without someone saying “BUT THAT GUY RAN IN AND”. I don’t want ands, buts, or anything but Daniel Bryan’s knee going into Randy Orton’s eye, followed by a 1-2-3  and a bell ringing. Anything else besides this will be a huge letdown for me.

I’m expecting this match and Daniel’s match to be one for the ages. So much so, that I’m left speechless by how awesome I think it will be.

Winner (and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion): Daniel Bryan


Hide your animals, get your WWE plates and napkins, and hold on tight. Wrestlemania is upon us, and we’re in for one hell of a show. I’m excited, nervous, and a little freaked, but I’m definitely ready for Wrestlemania. I will see you all on Twitter tonight for XXX!


Who will win? My Money in the Bank predictions

WWE Championship Match: John Cena (C) vs Mark Henry

John Cena vs Mark Henry started off with a bang. When Henry slammed Cena to the mat on June 17th and screamed “DO YOU THINK IT’S THAT EASY??” at Cena’s prone body, viewers the world over took notice. Since that time, Henry has been playing serious mind games with Cena, and generally being awesome. He’s even gone so far as to say if he loses at MITB, he’ll be gone from the WWE.

But let’s face facts. Mark Henry has been firmly in the lead as far as interactions go. He one upped Cena by faking retirement and slamming him, he’s verbally shut Cena down every time they’ve gone face to face, and Mark Henry has been built to be the monster we should all fear.

But I can’t help but have a bad feeling about Sunday. You see, no matter how strong Mark is looking up to this point, Cena is almost sure to win. Why? Because NEVER GIVE UP or CHAMP IS HERE. You know, the usual. I hate to sound like the smark that I actually claim to be, but Cena’s shtick has been stale and repetitive. I think it’s time for Mark Henry to step in, take the championship, and let Cena show everyone what never give up really means by having a nice lengthy title chase story with Henry.

But this match will surely end as we all think it will. One can only hope that interesting storytelling comes before predictability and that somehow equals Henry getting the title.

Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (C) vs Dolph Ziggler

I wasn’t looking forward to Dolph vs Alberto at Payback, so imagine my surprise when these two pulled off one of the best matches of the night. It was a tense, brutal battle highlighted by Alberto repeatedly and viciously kicking a prone Dolph Ziggler in his newly unconcussed head. Since then, Dolph’s been chasing Alberto like he stole his rent money, and Alberto hasn’t had an answer for Dolph’s assaults. Or for Dolph dressing up like Sin Cara.

But come Sunday, Alberto can’t hide anymore. And I’m pretty sure this match will be just as good as their last encounter. But make no mistake, AJ or Big E will cause Ziggler to lose the title he’s been trying to hard to get back, and that will start the implosion of Team Zig.(tear)

I’d put money on it.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Money in the Bank All Stars Match


To say there’s a lot going on in this match would be an understatement. But let’s take a second to try to break it all down. RVD is making his debut, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan hate each other, Sheamus is still Sheamus, Christian’s somewhere in the background waiting for his chance to snatch a contract, CM Punk has problems with Paul Heyman and that’ll probably cost him in this match, and Kane got taken out of MITB when the Wyatt family hit him with steps.

Did I mention that there’s only 6 figures in the picture above? Yeah, it turns out a MYSTERY OPPONENT will be in the match since Kane got taken out. Holy shit.

Since there’s so much going on here, it’s kind of hard to pick a winner. Most of the people in this match have been champions at one point or another, so it’s not like there’s an urgent need for any of them to have it again. In fact, I’d say the only person who I’d genuinely like to see win is Daniel Bryan since he’s on such a roll. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch him chase the title and win it back in a 2 out of 3 falls match, which will officially shut down the whole “18 seconds” thing? Yeah, it would be.

So, if I’m picking someone, it’d be him.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

The World Heavyweight Money in the Bank

Look at all the talent in this match! THIS is the Money in the Bank I’m most looking forward to. How can you go wrong with so many heavy hitters? In fact, the more I look at the photo and try to pick who’ll win, the harder it gets. Any one of these men have a fair chance at taking the big W.

But since this is about putting “money” on it, I’ll start off by eliminating Dean Ambrose. While it would be incredibly interesting for him to lord that briefcase over everyone’s heads with The Shield as his backup, he’s already got the US title and I doubt they want him to drop it at this point. So out goes Dean. Fandango, as much as I love his shimmy, will not be winning either. So that leaves Swagger, Cesaro, Sandow, Rhodes and Barrett.

For the sake of making things interesting, I’m going to go with Sandow. Him and Cody Rhodes appear to be heading in separate directions, and there’s no better way to split a team apart than having one man beat the other man at something they both want in a big way.

Mr Sandow, please don’t let me down.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Divas Championship match: AJ Lee (C) vs Kaitlyn

I got kind of scared of where this story was going when these two started dressing up as each other and throwing around fat jokes, but since that time, things have recovered very nicely. Kaitlyn has been spearing AJ every chance she gets, and she’s so unpredictable that it makes picking a winner in this match not as obvious as you’d think it would be.

My gut feeling is that AJ isn’t losing the title yet. Despite the fact that her and Kaitlyn have been doing some great work in promos and selling this match as something you need to see, I don’t think Money in the Bank is the blow off for this feud. I think Kaitlyn will allow the pressure to overtake her again, lose a second chance at the title, and that’ll really cement her officially losing her mind. Or  someone else will get involved and cause Kaitlyn to lose.

Either way, I’m extremely proud of both AJ and Kaitlyn for stepping it up. When it comes right down to it, AJ and Kaitlyn are strong performers, and the history making contract signing segment on Smackdown proves it. When given the ball and allowed to run with it, they can do anything. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing this match and who will eventually win. The story can only get better from here!

Winner: AJ Lee

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Okay. So I’m not quite sure what’s going on in this match. Why do these guys hate each other again? I’m not sure. Most of what’s happened between them has been focused on Ryback and his hurt leg. And if I’m being truly honest, the only thing Ryback has done that’s interested me lately is when he hugged Vickie Guerrero on Raw after she was humiliated and fired.

But I think Ryback hugging Vickie will play into this match. I’m not one to always take stock in internet rumors, but I’m thinking Ryback and Vickie will be seeing more of each other. And if that happens, I’ll be very happy.

In any event, this match is kind of on the back burner for me. I’m sure that him and Jericho will do well, but I’m more looking forward to what will be happening with Ryback than the winner of this match.

Winner: Chris Jericho.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Curtis Axel (C) vs The Miz

I would give almost anything to never see Miz wrestle for another title, let alone one that he’s lost more times than I can remember. The IC title has more meaning around the waist of Curtis Axel, and that’s where I’m hoping it’ll stay. Because if Miz wins again, fuck it all.

Winner: Curtis Axel

WWE Tag Team Championship: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (C) vs The Usos

I believe in The Shield and all, but they’ve got a pretty tough fight on their hands in The Usos. This is a first shot at the gold (or copper) for The Usos, and I’m sad to see this match relegated to the opening. Because opening matches generally go one way, and that doesn’t bode well for the current tag team champions.

Either way, this match should have some solid wrestling action, and it’ll be a good way to start off what’s sure to be a monumental night of wrestling action.

Winners: The Shield

Where we predict the outcomes: WWE Payback predictions.

Payback is a mere 2 days away, and I’m excited for the show. Let’s take a brief look at the lineup and pick some winners!

I’ll go first.

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

Our savior Damien Sandow getting the pre show treatment doesn’t make me very happy. But we also get no Sheamus on the big card. A fair tradeoff.

It’s highly probable that Sheamus will win, so unless someone decides to do something out of the ordinary, I’m thinking this will be your standard pre show affair.

Winner: Sheamus

WWE championship match

John Cena vs Ryback
(Three Stages of Hell match)

In an attempt to try not to bag Cena too much, I’ll just say that this match isn’t something I’m looking forward to watching. I’m not buying Ryback as championship material at this point either.

Another problematic thought that I’m having is that somewhere along the line, I’ve forgotten what these two are fighting about. I’m not rooting for, or hating anyone in this match. I’m indifferent to it.

Despite my reservations about the point of all this, I’m sure that Ryback won’t be winning. I think he loses Sunday so he can chase the belt for little while longer.

Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship match

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

Ziggler is back! And so is this match. With almost no build. And for some reason, I keep thinking that outside shenanigans will prevent this match from going too long. And if this goes longer than 5 minutes, I expect it will be as good as their previous 100 bouts.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

WWE Tag Team Championship match

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

This feels like a mishmash. Randy Orton is Bryan’s partner for reasons which still escape me, but I’m thinking Payback might just be the end of Team Hell No. Or so I think. Either way, expect Daniel Bryan to amaze us all. He’s been doing a lot of that lately.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

United States championship match

Dean Ambrose vs Kane

This match is a sleeper, but I think it’s going to be pretty good. Ambrose is a star on the rise, so expect for him to do some good work here. I’m still sticking with my theory that Kane and Daniel Bryan will fisticuff somewhere on the PPV’s, so be watching out for that.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE Diva’s championship match
Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee

Diva fans have been clamoring (more like begging) for this match for a long time, and we’ve finally gotten what we asked for.

After stealing the show on Monday night, the pressure is on for AJ and Kaitlyn to deliver a strong wrestling match.

While the Diva’s division had been ignored for too long and the interactions between AJ and Kaitlyn have been on and off, I have developed significant interest in this story thanks to their amazing segment on Raw. I think now is the time for these women to make a statement about the worth and legitimacy of the Diva’s division, and what better way for them to make that statement than on PPV?

What happens during the match is important, but not as important as the eventual winner. This story has some not so obvious layers to it, which makes deciding a winner that much more difficult.

Despite what a majority of fans may think, I’d bet money on Kaitlyn retaining. AJ is an intriguing character, but she doesn’t need the title as much as Kaitlyn does. But if AJ wins, I wouldn’t be too broken up by it.

Winner: Kaitlyn

Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

Ugh. As much as the internet is clamoring for Punk to get back on TV, this isn’t how I wanted his return to happen. Nevertheless, the match on Sunday will be great for Punk’s return, and I’m hoping Jericho can help make this match memorable for reasons besides Punk’s new theme.

Winner: CM Punk

Intercontinental championship match

Wade Barrett vs The Miz vs Curtis Axel

Fandango gets a concussion, and we get this match instead. On paper, this doesn’t look like a bad match. The newly minted Heyman guy Curtis Axel still has something to prove, and I think he’ll make a statement when he takes the title off of Barrett.

And with this match, I hope that Barrett will be off TV for awhile. Since being kicked in the balls by HHH on TV, it’s been downhill and falling fast for our current IC champ. Let’s give him a rest and let’s give wrestling fans some time to forget his recent string of unfortunate losses.

And it looks like I’ve predicted Payback.

Who’re you rooting for on Sunday?

All photos used in this write-up are courtesy of WWE.com